Department - Author 1

Architectural Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Architectural Engineering



Primary Advisor

Allen Estes


For this senior project I am seeking to combine my knowledge of Structural Engineering with Construction Management. For this task, I have decided to look at Building Information Modeling (BIM). In this project I investigate the BIM tools Trimble Tekla Structures and Autodesk Navis- works Manage. Tekla is a modeling, fabrication, and design program. Navisworks is a visualiza- tion and Clash Detection tool. For this project I have identiÅied two main goals relating to Navis- works and Tekla:

  1. Create content to allow students and professors learn how to use Tekla and Navisworks

  2. Determine the capabilities of these softwares, and Åigure out why these softwares matter to

    Architectural Engineering (ARCE) students.

After reading through this report, and accessing additional on-line resources including home- work assignments and tutorial videos, students should have a solid understanding of how these programs work and why they matter to the Design and Construction process.