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Megan Silcott


In particular, dairy production in California is ranked one of the top five states in the United States that produces approximately 40 billion pounds of milk per year. California’s dairy industry is not only the largest milk producer in the nation, but it is also the most financially prominent in the agricultural industry. This industry lead is merely because of its careful management practices. The way calves are raised depend on the resources used, the natural environment present, and the operation of the dairy farm. Essentially, there are numerous ways to care for a cow and calf. However, the aim of raising calves is to ensure productive cows are raised. Calves are the future of the heard. With good management techniques, a newborn heifer calf will eventually develop into a high milk-producing cow. In the dairy industry which comes first, the cow or the calf? In essence, both cow and calf depend on each other equally, as well as the help from individuals on the farm. This means it is extremely important for those individuals who are involved in dairy calf management to understand and feel comfortable when preforming the necessary procedures required for a happy and healthy herd and a video lesson can aid in improving calf care.

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