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College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

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Agricultural Education and Communication Department

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BS in Agricultural Science



Primary Advisor

Robert A. Flores


California is ranked one of the top five states in the United States for dairy production. It produces approximately 40 billion pounds of milk per year for US production. California’s dairy industry is not only the largest milk producer in the nation, but it is also the most financially prominent in the agricultural industry. This industry lead is purely because of its careful management practices. The way calves are raised depend on the resources used, the natural environment present, and the operation of the dairy farm. Essentially, there are numerous ways to care for a cow and calf. However, the aim of raising calves is to ensure productive cows are raised. Calves are the future of the heard. With good management techniques, a newborn heifer calf will eventually develop into a high milk-producing cow. As the heifer grows, it is important to watch her weight and rate of gain. Since feed is the number one cost on a dairy, it is important to achieve optimum growth with low costs.

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