Agricultural Education and Communication Department

Degree Name

BS in Agricultural Science




Robert Flores


KZOZ is a rock radio station located in San Luis Obispo, California and provides music and entertainment to the entire San Luis Obispo County. The ratings for KZOZ are high. However, the number of paid advertising on KZOZ is lower than desired. KZOZ is also looking to increase the listener base, specifically women listeners.

The purpose of this project was to conduct focus groups to find ways to change the radio station. After conducting several focus groups, made up of up to six people, the results demonstrate that the listeners enjoy the level of crudeness, such as sexual themes, on the station. However, the advertisers do not. Results also show that the station should add less popular songs, from the core artists played, to their music catalogue. The focus group participants want to win prizes such as concert tickets. Results show that people desire the KZOZ website to feature an improved concert calendar that is more frequently updated and highlights concerts across California.

After analyzing the results and considering the researchers' recommendations the radio station can make alterations to the station. The radio station could gain additional listeners and can sell their listener profile as potential customers to advertisers. Additionally, based on the recommendations of this study KZOZ could potentially gain more advertisers.