Agricultural Education and Communication Department

Degree Name

BS in Agricultural Science




Robert Flores


The purpose of this project was to create an evaluative survey for the high school student and teachers who participated in California Polytechnic State University’s “26-Hours of Science and Technology in Agriculture” Program. The survey was created to collect data to not only to better the program, but to see the students and teachers’ opinions. Collecting answers from participating students and teachers would benefit the 26-Hour Program greatly. With the collected data, future planning teams could make changes appropriate the input received that would benefit the effectiveness of the program overall. Creating an evaluation system started by researching agriculture education history, college recruitment of minority students and different types of surveys. After helping with the planning of the 26-Hour Program and a pilot test was conducted to help see if the idea of surveying the group was realistic. After the adjustments to the survey were done and the final draft was completed, the complete survey should be ready to be conducted in the year 2015. From there the survey should be adjusted minimally and used for future years to help further the 26-Hour Program.