Ag In Motion

College - Author 1

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

Department - Author 1

Agricultural Education and Communication Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Agricultural Science



Primary Advisor

Robert Flores


The purpose of this project was to gauge the interest levels of Ag in Motion for the Central Coast. Positive feedback would allow the project to continue on after this project is finished. Ag in Motion is an important asset to middle school aged children because they have the opportunity to learn about agriculture and it’s value. This is especially important considering California is number one producer of agricultural commodities in the United States.

The Central Coast is defined as these three counties: Monterey County, San Luis Obispo County, and Santa Barbara County. An online survey was developed and sent out via email to the 7th and 8th grade teachers within the three counties. It has been concluded that all of the feedback received was positive. It is time for future students to take the next steps to bring Ag in Motion to the Central Coast.