Agricultural Education and Communication Department

Degree Name

BS in Agricultural Science




Robert Flores


The purpose of this study was to aid in the implementation and utilization of an experiential learning lab in the form of a pheasant facility on the Cal Poly Campus.

A pheasant facility and enterprise at the Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo Animal Science Unit would be the perfect hands on learning device that can really epitomize the motto, “Learn By Doing”. The enterprise projects have long been an integral component of the Agricultural Education and Communication curriculum and many students have gained the critical management skills necessary to be competitive in production and allied industries - including teaching.

A set of questions were developed to find the topics of importance needed to construct a pheasant unit. Upon return of the results, a guide was formed with the information and it will be used in classrooms, both at the high school level and collegiate level. The guide is also available and useful for those entrepreneurs looking for a backyard hobby or a niche market to cater to the hunting communities.