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College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

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Agricultural Education and Communication Department

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BS in Agricultural Science



Primary Advisor

Megan Silcott


Longview Club Lambs is a small startup business located in Lincoln, California. Longview Club Lambs has the goal to maintain a high of level efficiency and productivity to compete with other club lamb businesses within the next three years (Longview Club Lambs, 2018). In order to do this, Longview Club Lambs will need to evaluate its current practices and determine the necessary adjustments that should be made to their business plan.

To create this new business model, the business will need to re-evaluate all its management practices and make the needed changes to adjust to a larger scale operation. Implementing an effective business plan for Longview Club Lambs will consist of comparing its current operation to large-scale club lamb operations, evaluating types of nutrients the lambs, ewes, and rams should be fed, creating an effective marketing plan for the lamb crop each year, facilities must be able to accommodate operation size and efficiency, the health and care for animals must be pre-planned, the genetics and time of lambing must be organized to provide lambs at the demanded time of year, and finally, the finance of the operation must be properly budgeted and managed (Bowles, 2015).

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