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College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

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Agricultural Education and Communication Department

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BS in Agricultural Science



Primary Advisor

Megan Silcott


The author Bill McBean defines being a leader as, “exhibiting moral and ethical courage and setting an example for everyone.” Leadership begins at an early age and demonstrating the right way to lead and how to teach others should be instilled in a child when they are young enough to develop the right tools for success. Future Farmers of America and the agriculture programs that it is integrated into are prime examples of what being a leader inhibits. The National FFA Organization states that, “they taught us that agriculture is more than planting and harvesting — it's a science, it's a business and it's an art. So today, we are still the Future Farmers of America. But, we are also the future biologists, future chemists, future veterinarians, future engineers, future entrepreneurs and future civic leaders.“ These methods and beliefs need to be integrated into the younger generations starting at the elementary level. The concept of Ag Buddies a program that takes high school agriculture leadership students to local elementary schools’ to teach their passion and knowledge, is a way to give the next generation an opportunity to learn and find their fire for the agriculture industry. The idea is to create a program full of curriculum-based content and activities to take to the elementary schools and have the high school leadership students lead these lessons and activities to integrate agriculture into the students’ lives and elementary schools.