Agricultural Education and Communication Department

Degree Name

Master of Agricultural Education




Bill Kellogg


This Master's Degree project created a complete health and safety campaign for California Fairs. The purpose of the project is to educate fair staff, animal exhibitors and the public attending fairs about animal-borne diseases, how they are transmitted, and the precautions fairs and visitors should take to prevent illness. The kit includes resources, a policy template and checklists for the various stages of action required, hand-washing station information, an educational and fun DVD about the importance of washing your hands, an educational and brightly colored brochure, and example signage as well as a flash drive containing the signage to allow for extra copies to be made. The kit also includes ways to expand the educational information into other areas and activities at the fair. Each fair varies in grounds size, the number of those who attend, what activities and entertainment they offer, etcetera. The information in the kit allows each fair to take the information and apply it to fit their structure, providing a safer environment for all who attend.





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