Agricultural Education and Communication Department

Degree Name

Master of Agricultural Education




Bill Kellogg


This internship report contains documented evidence required in meeting the quality criteria used to evaluate Community College Programs. These criteria were established by the Agriculture/Natural Resources Advisory Committee and are used to evaluate Community Colleges throughout California. In addition to documented evidence, the internship report also includes a special project on Educational Programs. The project was researching and creating certificates in the areas of Pest Control Adviser (PCA) and Irrigation that best reflected the needs of regional industry. Currently at West Hills College, PCA and Irrigation courses are offered but those courses do not lead to a certificate or a degree; creating a problem for both the department and the students, as those students are not considered completers and are not eligible for all college programs. The following curriculum packets and career technical education addendums were created: Fundamentals of Precision Agriculture, Applications of Precision Agriculture, Crop Production, Crop Health and Irrigation Design.





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