College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences


Agricultural Education and Communication Department

Degree Name

Master of Agricultural Education




Robert Flores


The Cal Poly Bull Test has a long-standing history on the university campus. The program has continued to grow and improve since it was founded in 1956 and with these improvements to the program, the marketing and curriculum need to adapt as well. For this internship, I worked in partnership with Dr. McFarlane on three main projects focusing on rebranding, curriculum development, and the creation of marketing materials. The rebranding consisted of the creation of a new logo and an updated brand guide. The curriculum development consisted of the creation of a marketing module for the enterprise-class that focuses on teaching the marketing strategy as well as important skills required from the marketing team. The final aspect of my internship was a collaboration with CAFES to develop a marketing and informational video showcasing the Cal Poly Bull Test to be shared with industry stakeholders. The work I completed in this internship will be implemented into the program and will help the Cal Poly Bull Test continue to grow.



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