College of Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Sciences


Agricultural Education and Communication Department

Degree Name

Master of Agricultural Education




Ann De Lay


This internship was a partnership between the Cal Poly Rodeo program and Cactus Ropes. I interned with marketing and promotion for Cactus Ropes. My main responsibility was managing and creating promotional jackpot ropings, creating promotional highlight videos for social media, promotional marketing ideas for the Poly Royal Rodeo, promotional highlight shots of the night at the rodeo, and involving Cactus Ropes with with Cal Poly Rodeo. I also participated in other aspects of promotions and events, including taking promotional photographs of rodeo athletes using Cactus Ropes, assisting in event planning, and promoting ropes and products. Besides organizing the awards given by Cactus Ropes at Poly Royal, I facilitated on a successful jackpot to promote the company's new rope. There were 42 women entered in the jackpot, and 42 ropes were promoted and used.

Available for download on Thursday, June 11, 2020