College of Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Sciences


Agricultural Education and Communication Department

Degree Name

Master of Agricultural Education




Ben Swan


The Galt High School Agriculture Department is committed and dedicated to promoting and developing personal growth, career technical skills and rigorous/ relevant instruction for all students. Offering several pathways in the Agri-Science, Ornamental Horticulture and Ag Mechanics personalized to student’s career and technical skills interest areas through engaging hands on laboratories and industry insight and certification.

In order to accomplish the skills and abilities listed above, the Galt High School Agriculture Department currently overs the following courses for the 2017-2018 school year: Introduction to Agriculture Mechanics 1, Agriculture Mechanics 2, Agriculture Power Mechanics 1, Advanced Agriculture Mechanics, Agricultural Construction BITA 1, Biology and Sustainable Agriculture, Chemistry and Agriscience, Advanced Interdisciplinary Science for Sustainable Agriculture (honors), Agriculture Anatomy and Physiology, Elements and Principles of Floral Design, Advanced Floral Design, Agriculture Economics/Government, and Agriculture Leadership. These courses allow students to access three Career Technical Education (CTE) pathways listed above.



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