Agribusiness Department

Degree Name

BS in Agricultural Business




James Ahern


This project aims to determine the benefits of installing a direct marketing system for April Flowers, a small flower shop in San Luis Obispo. Through the increased use of wire-in, meaning through the use of internet communication, floral design, where individual shops can send orders that are out of area to a local florist instead, there is a broader sense of community amongst florists of all styles. In the shop, there is already an existing wire-in system established through Teleflora, one of the newer aspects of the floral industry, leading the way in the advancement of florists around the country. By understanding the Teleflora system, the industry, its competitors, and trends, future endeavors will become more apparent. These factors will encompass the overall environment that April Flowers operates in and the overall idea to determine the best strategy to exploit the opportunities presented while fixing potential problems that may arise. By deciphering through these obstacles April Flowers could be able to form a completely researched and confident decision for a profit-increasing course of action.Through research into market trends and the potential helpful and harmful factors that could arise from the marketing system, April Flowers can form a strategic decision to install it by compiling and weighing the options into a SWOT matrix that will aid in the strategy to adopt the Teleflora system.