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BS in Wine and Viticulture




Lindsey Higgins


This study was performed in order to assess wineries’ willingness to adopt the social media platform Google+ as a way to market to consumers. More specifically, the study examined current social media use along with different types of brand personality to determine if these factors had an influence on a winery’s willingness to adopt this platform.

A survey was given to 50 wineries located in San Luis Obispo County, and this survey data was taken and analyzed using statistical tests. Frequency tests were used in order to determine which responses were most frequently answered and to determine the percentage each response made up of each survey question. ANOVA and chi-squared tests were performed to determine if differences between the relationships between each variable and interest level in Google+ were statistically significant.

It was discovered that typical wineries expressing a higher level of interest in Google+ currently used Facebook and social media on a more frequent basis. These wineries were also most often categorized as the “excitement” dimension. Because these wineries are perceived this way and already have experience marketing using social media, it is recommended that the winery creates a Google+ page and uses other social media resources to promote this page. Another important step is to make promotions available only to customers who include the winery in their Google+ circle, giving an incentive to add the winery to their circles and visit the Google+ page.

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