Agribusiness Department

Degree Name

BS in Agricultural Business




Carol Sexton


The great recession in the United States has caused consumers to change their spending habits. The recession comes at a time when consumers had already become accustomed to increasing levels of service from sellers of goods and services as businesses incorporate new technologies to attract customers and improve cost efficiencies. Customers are now accustomed to and expect price competitiveness, excellent service, 24 hour availability, convenience and value added amenities. For a business to compete in this environment, it must continually find innovative strategies in the utilization of existing and developing technologies and applications to distinguish it from competitors. At the forefront of these technologies and applications are the internet and social media networking. This project explores whether or not the innovative use of web-based marketing including social media networking and the creation of an interactive business website would benefit The Polished Pet, a dog and cat boarding facility in Santa Maria, CA.