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BS in Agricultural Business




Lindsey Higgins


This study was undertaken to determine the factors that influence wine purchases for wine consumers in San Luis Obispo County. The study was performed in order to compare the influential factors between Millennials and prior generations.

This collected data was analyzed through the use of statistical tests. Frequency tests were used to determine which influential factors and demographics made up the largest percentages. Chi-squared tests were performed in order to determine if a relationship between influential factors and generations was present. The statistical tests of independent t-tests and analysis of variance (ANOVA) were performed to determine the differences between generations on the factors that influence wine purchases.

Based on the results, it was discovered that for San Luis Obispo County wine consumers, when purchasing wine, the factors that influence purchases are not the same between generations. The differences suggest differences in the motivations for purchasing wine, and therefore a needed difference in marketing and advertising for each generation is recommended.

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Agribusiness Commons