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BS in Agricultural Business




Charles Nicholson


This study was undertaken to determine whether Cal Poly affiliated people were interested in purchasing Cal Poly honey online through its own web store. In addition to determining the level of interest, the target market was examined to explore how to market Cal Poly honey more effectively. The underlying objective of the project was to determine if a Cal Poly honey web store would be profitable as a honey marketing outlet in addition to current sales at stores around campus.

A survey was administered to Cal Poly affiliated people online using over a nine-day time period. The survey focused on questions that gave insight into various aspects of consumer behavior and preferences towards Cal Poly honey. The results from the twenty-three question survey were analyzed using a series of statistical tests including frequencies and chi-squared tests. The results of the tests provided significant information about consumer tastes and preferences.

Of the entire sample, a target market of twenty respondents, or 20% of the population, was identified as respondents who indicated more than a slight possibility that they or their families would buy Cal Poly honey online.

The recommendations made were based upon the statistical findings. The recommendations include possibly lowering the price of Cal Poly honey to increase sales and revenues, additional honey production to increase profits, as well as possible marketing strategies that could potentially increase awareness and potential sales of Cal Poly honey.

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