Agribusiness Department

Degree Name

BS in Wine and Viticulture




Charles Nicholson


This study was undertaken to determine the demographics and consumer characteristics for organic wine purchasers in San Luis Obispo. The study was performed to see who is purchasing organic wines to help wine producers, restaurants, wine bars and grocery stores create a focused target segment.

This report uses important statistical techniques to analyze the data collected. Sample t-tests were performed to find the differences between certain characteristics of organic wines. Chi-squared tests were conducted to find relationships between organic wine consumers and their demographics. And frequency tests were performed for most of the survey questions to determine which answers had the largest percentages.

It is concluded that the only relationship between people who have purchased organic wine and their demographics was the organic wine consumers in San Luis Obispo had an income of over $70,000. This conclusion is based on the chi-squared test performed that showed a p-value of .023 and 70.5% of the organic wine consumers had that income.