Degree Name

BS in Agricultural Business




Jacky Eshelby


This study was undertaken to determine whether or not people would respond favorably to a grocery store setting up a page on a social networking website (i.e. MySpace) and if so, what people would like to see on the page. Self-addressed, self-stamped envelopes containing a survey and a cover letter were passed out to obtain the information.

This project used simple means and frequencies to analyze the whole population and sections of the population; social network users and non-social network users. Independent T-Tests and Chi-Square tests were used to compare the two groups. A statistical program, SPSS, was used to analyze the data. P-Values were analyzed to see if there were any differences between the groups in relation to demographics, shopping behavior and internet usage behavior. It is concluded that too many people are indifferent or did not like the idea for a grocery store to pursue the idea of setting up a social networking page. Only 26% of the entire surveyed population liked the idea. The attributes people would have wanted to see on the page were recipes and upcoming sales. A vast majority, 70%, were indifferent to a grocery store social networking page. In retrospect the survey should have committed the person to answering yes or no and leave out the option of indifferent.

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