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BS in Agricultural Business




Marianne Wolf


This study was undertaken to determine whether or not the location of convenience stores that are in close proximity to a freeway have an impact on the sales of Ruiz Foods products. Store audits were conducted in the months of January and February, 2010 using twenty convenience stores from two major convenience store chains that carried Ruiz Foods products: Johnny Quick and Circle K. As a sample for this study, six cities in California were used: Clovis, Fresno, Selma, Fowler, Dinuba, and Bakersfield. Store locations were selected by the company’s marketing department preferences. The store audits posed questions assessing: the convenience stores location in relationship to a freeway, which Ruiz Foods’ products sell, the appearance of those products, environmental conditions of the stores, identification of store distributors, and the frequency of product replenishment.

The data collected from the audits were entered into Microsoft Excel and then converted to a statistical program called Standard Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) for analysis. Each variable in the audit was tested against the proximity of the store to a freeway.

Results from the study concluded that the stores located near the freeway sold Ruiz Foods products more often than the stores that were located away from the freeway. However, when considering signage in convenience stores, the stores located near a main freeway have more (Point-of-Purchase) POP and (Point-of-Sell) POS signage advertising Ruiz Foods products to their customers.

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