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Lindsey Higgins


The avocado market in the United States has grown immensely over the past two decades, and numerous foreign regions import avocados into the United States in order to keep up with domestic consumer demand. This study was conducted to primarily determine if point of origin is a factor consumers take into consideration when purchasing avocados. As avocado consumption has dramatically increased over the past twenty years, trying to understand consumer preferences within the avocado industry was also an important aspect of this study. A survey was conducted and gathered 290 useable responses. The majority of the respondents resided in California, however the majority of US states were represented within the data. Results suggest that consumers find point of origin to have little importance in their avocado purchasing decision. Respondents considered ripeness, visual appearance, and low prices to be the most important factors when purchasing avocados. Avocado consumers are most willing to purchase avocados that fall within the $1.20-$1.49 range. Consumers were also willing to pay $0.20 more for an avocado grown in California.

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