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BS in Agricultural Business




Wayne Howard


The purpose of this project was to determine where pine nuts could be grown in California and if they would be economically feasible to grow in California.

There is very limited information for growing pine nuts in a domesticated orchard. Areas where there was a lack of information were completed with assumptions using costs for walnuts. Once all costs were determined, they were entered into an Excel spreadsheet for analysis.

It has been concluded that pine nuts could be grown in California, mainly in the far northern intermountain regions such as Modoc County. The breakeven for the enterprise would not be until the 22nd year, making the prospect of a pine nut farm technically feasible, but not recommended unless prices become much higher, yields can be increased, expenses turn out to be lower than the numbers used for walnuts, or a combination of these things.

Available for download on Wednesday, June 19, 2019

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