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BS in Agricultural Business




Paige M. Gill



This study on the canned craft beer industry was done to see whether or not a significant correlation between one’s age and their willingness to purchase craft beers in cans exists. Furthermore, it sets out to test how creating further consumer awareness highlighting the beneficial aspects of cans versus bottles could affect one’s purchasing decisions.

In order to test the hypothesis that millennials are more open to purchasing canned craft beer, the statistical analysis software SPSS has been utilized. Frequencies have been run on every survey question to obtain an analysis of the entire population. Chi-square variance tests and independence sample t tests were utilized to examine any correlation between millennials and non-millennials.

As expected, it has been determined that millennials are more open to purchasing craft beers in cans. Furthermore, boosting the promotion of cans over bottles would likely increase the purchasing for all age groups. Craft brewers should redirect some of their marketing strategy towards a younger demographic. The concept of their marketing plan should focus on the idea of a convenient product that has no compromise of taste.

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