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BS in Agricultural Business




Carol Sexton


Celiac disease is becoming an increasingly recognized autoimmune pathology of the intestine caused by permanent intolerance to gluten (Niewinski 2008). For those with Celiac disease, or gluten intolerance, gluten-free foods are hard to come by, especially on college campuses. Eating gluten free products has positive health effects on numerous diseases. It has been shown that eating gluten free foods can help alleviate symptoms of numerous diseases such as ADHD, autism, and type 2 diabetes (UDI’s Gluten Free website 2012). Throughout the past few years, more gluten free companies have been advocating to promote their products on college campuses for people with intolerances. UDI’s Gluten Free Foods is one such company, which has developed a special interest in promoting, marketing, and selling their products on several college campuses through the use of sample taste-testings.

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