Agribusiness Department

Degree Name

BS in Agricultural Business




Steven Slezak



The purpose of this study was to determine if Dan’s Feed & Seed should re-open a pet supply store in the town of Hemet, California. The goal was to satisfy three objectives including if Dan’s Feed & Seed could compete in the current market, if there was a demand in Hemet, California, and if Dan’s could be profitable within a two year period. Dan’s proved to be able to compete with the competition by having lower prices with two out of three competitors and could compete with the remaining competitor by providing high quality, name brand dog food that the competitor did not carry. In determining the demand, a survey was distributed near the potential site location and the results showed that there was not a high demand due to the participant’s lack of a desire for a family owned business that did not offer lower prices than the top competitor in the survey. Pro-forma financial statements revealed that Dan’s Feed & Seed could be profitable in the first year of operation if they obtained the same percentage of the population’s income as the current Temecula and Sun City Dan’s Feed & Seed stores.

The author concluded the study by advising Dan’s Feed & Seed not to re-open a pet supply store based on the inability to meet all three objectives. The author also advised Dan’s Feed & Seed to consider evaluating other internal and external sources before determining their final decision.