California had a market value of agricultural products sold of $25.7 billion in the year 2002 ranking it as the top agricultural producing state in the country. Approximately 74% of this market value was attributed to crop sales. California producers spent nearly $20.5 billion on total farm expenses. The largest single expense for agricultural producers in the state was labor at $4.3 billion. Another $1.6 billion was spent on contract labor. Hired and contract labor expenses accounted for nearly 29% of total farm expense. Approximately 34,000 California farms hired over 535,000 laborers. Of these farms, 25% reported hiring migrant labor and 29% hired 10 or more employees. With labor being such an integral part of the California producers’ operations, the purpose of this project is to do a cross-comparison regarding labor issues with other agricultural competitors, both domestic and international.


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