Tread Drum for Animals

Wayne H. Howard, Menlo Park, California

6 pages. Also available from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

NOTE: At the time of publication, the author Wayne H. Howard was not yet affiliated with Cal Poly.


A tread drum for animals, such as primates, includes a cylindrical housing mounted for rotation about a horizontal axis of revolution and having a cylindrical treadway portion on which the animal treads while the drum is rotated by means of a motorized drive. The treadway portion of the drum includes an electrode structure incorporated therein, with sectors thereof being independently energizable by means of a commutator and source of potential so that an electrical shock station is created behind a running-in-place station on the moving treadway. In this manner, if the animal should fall behind its running-in-place station, it may be shocked by treading on the energized electrode structure. One end of the tread drum comprises a transparent wall for unobstructed viewing of the animal being exercised.