This study analyzed the potential energy resources contained in the biomass residues from the leading crops and livestock in California. As compared with an earlier similar study by Knutson and Miller (1982), where a total of 24 million tons of biomass was reported having an energy value of 336,000 billion Btu’s, this current study showed a total of over 18 million tons (excluding 7.2 million tons of lumber mill and forest slash residues), which translates to almost 13 million tons of dry matter. The energy value of this biomass is 189,000 billion Btu’s, about 56 % of the 1982 value. The reasons for this difference include less acreage of field crops which yield more residues than tree and vegetable crops, as well as utilization of some of these residues for alternative purposes. Further, the more conservative total energy figure is based on realistic estimates of the moisture contents of the various crop animal residues.


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