As part of the NASA High Alpha Technology Program, fine-grid Navier-Stokes solutions have been obtained for flow over the fuselage forebody and wing leading edge extension of the F/A-18 High Alpha Research Vehicle at large incidence. The resulting flows are complex, and exhibit crossflow separation from the sides of the forebody and from the leading edge extension. A well-defined vortex pattern is observed in the leeward-side flow. Results obtained for laminar flow show good agreement with flow visualizations obtained in ground-based experiments. Further, turbulent flows computed at high-Reynolds-number flight-test conditions (M = 0.2, α = 30 °, and Rec = 11.52 × 106) show good agreement with surface and off-surface visualizations obtained in flight.


Aerospace Engineering



URL: https://digitalcommons.calpoly.edu/aero_fac/12