This paper presents results from an experimental and numerical study on the axial–lateral interaction of pipes with dense sand. A series of centrifuge tests were conducted, with a rigid pipeline displaced in the horizontal plane in a cohesionless test bed. The relative pipe–soil interaction included axial, lateral, and oblique loading events. A three-dimensional continuum finite element model was developed using ABAQUS/Standard (Hibbitt et al. 2005) software. The numerical model was calibrated against experimental results. A parametric study was conducted, using the calibrated finite element model to extend the investigations. The ultimate axial and lateral soil loading was found to be dependent on the angle of attack for relative movement between the pipe and soil. Two different failure mechanisms were observed for axial–lateral pipeline–soil interaction. This study confirms and improves on a two-part failure criterion that accounts for axial–lateral coupling during oblique soil loading events on buried pipelines.


Architectural Engineering

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