In response to the instances of racial injustice in Spring 2020, members of the College of Architecture & Environmental Design (CAED) Student Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (SDEI) committee at the authors’ institution developed online summer workshops focused on topics of anti-racism titled the Unlearning Series. This series began with the mission of questioning practices and education in the built environment that are integrated in formal instruction. The goal is to utilize an alternative method of education where participants (students, faculty, staff, and administrators) recognize how their discipline shapes and supports systems of oppression, while giving them tools to combat it.

Before each session, videos and readings were provided to participants to establish an understanding of the new topic. The online workshop started with a brief lecture from an SDEI committee member expanding on the pre-workshop materials, then attendees shared their perspectives in discussion groups while SDEI members served as moderators and note-takers. This paper provides a model for other student groups of the planning, structure, content, and outcomes of an Unlearning Series. Responses from participant surveys conducted at the close of the summer and group reflections amongst SDEI committee leaders are also presented. This feedback has been translated into lessons learned presented at the conclusion of this paper.


Architectural Engineering

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