The ability to offer students an interdisciplinary experience under a team work setting is invaluable in preparation for a career in the built environment. A hands-on approach coupled with a real project presents unique opportunities in student learning. Learning in regards to the dynamics of team personalities, deadlines, approval procedures, and deliverables. One such hands-on based real project was to design, build, and install an 800 lb., 20 ft. long, and 10 ft. tall sculpture. The sculpture was to be built of recycled steel of a mustang in 10 weeks for the University’s library Spring 2016 exhibit. The project gave the students direct exposure to the phases required to take a highly constrained construction project from conception to completion (Impacted Project Delivery). Under the constraints of limited time, limited budget, unique materials, university regulatory requirements, and confined site location (second floor of library), the students learned how impacted constraints affect the design, engineering, and construction process. This paper outlines the methods used by the faculty adviser to facilitate student success.


Architectural Engineering

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