Today’s students are faced with far different challenges upon graduation than those encountered in past years. One of the most significant of these challenges is the need to work within the framework of integrated project delivery where all disciplines work as a cohesive team to produce a project. In 2004, the Construction Management Department at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo,CA began teaching a three credit hour design/build course focused on integrated project delivery. That course, taught primarily to construction management students, has now evolved into a true interdisciplinary experience that is taught in a team environment by professors from the departments of Construction Management, Architecture, and Architectural Engineering. The challenges in creating and executing such a course are immense and fall into three major areas; institutional, logistical and pedagogical. This paper addresses these three challenge areas by discussing the specific issues, both good and bad, associated with this course and how they were addressed. It includes assessment data from the course and cites some areas for improvement. In addition, the paper provides a framework for the successful implementation of similar courses around the world.


Architectural Engineering

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