Nonplanar wall configurations are prevalent in engineering practice, yet relatively little research has addressed nonplanar walls and the earthquake response of these components remains poorly understood. A recent experimental test program conducted by the authors investigated the earthquake response of modern, ACI Code compliant C‐shaped walls subjected to unidirectional and bidirectional lateral loading. To compare the results of this study with previous experimental investigations conducted by others, this document examines laboratory tests of slender nonplanar walls available in the literature. Response histories, damage patterns, drift capacity and failure mechanisms are used to characterize the behavior of each nonplanar wall test specimen. The impact on behavior of various design parameters as well as unidirectional versus bidirectional load history is investigated. Results are synthesized to provide improved understanding of behavior and guidance for design of nonplanar walls.

Section 2 provides an overview of the nonplanar wall test found in the literature. Section 3 provides a more in‐depth overview of C‐ and U‐shaped walls, including the C‐shaped wall tests conducted as part of this study. Section 4 presents failure and response mechanism observed during nonplanar wall tests. Section 5 summarizes observations and presents conclusions about nonplanar wall behavior.


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