Degree Name

BS in Social Sciences


Social Sciences Department


Dr. Christopher Bickel


The mass media affects the adolescent self-concept, pertaining to body image and sexual activity tremendously. Today, all mediums of the media have been increasingly flooded with differing opinions and many polarized perspectives regarding critical issues in which an analytical look at the information is fundamentally necessary. These aspects of the media (body image, sex) permeate through society and affect our adolescents self concept negatively particularly since the ages in which an adolescent is growing and taking in information willingly are the ages that an adolescent is most vulnerable and sensitive to their surrounding environment. Children in the United States tend to experience a decline in positive self-concept during their adolescent years. Adolescence ranges from ages 12 through the age of 19. This decline often begins around age 12 for girls and around age 14 for boys. For some, the decline can become severe in early adolescence before generally recovering in the mid-teen years. Having a negative self-concept during adolescence has been associated with negative body image and sexual activity. My goal is to show through research that has already been done how the media negatively affects body image and sexual activity as well as my own research pertaining to body image. This research will be done by asking my aunt, who is an 8th grade school teacher to administer a short survey to her classes and forward me the results. This will help get an idea of the perspective of today’s adolescent in addition to the mediums from which they receive their information. The findings will hopefully suggest that an adolescent is directly affected by the media consequently hindering self-concept and effecting body image and sexual development.