SYNTHESIS is one of four ex1sting NSF Engineering Education Coalitions (there are apparently plans to add two others this year to bring the total number to six). SYNTHESIS consists of eight universities: Cal Poly, Cornell. Hampton, Iowa State, Southern, Stanford, Tuskgekee, and UC-Berkeley. It has been supported by NSF for over three years, being one of the first two-the other being ECSEL. The other two existing coalitions are GATEVI/AY and SUCCEED. One 9f the main goals of the 'SYNTHESIS coalition is the development of the National Engineering Education Dehvery System (NEEDS). After giving a brief overv1ew of the NEEDS, we give a description of our local implementation of the NEEDS concept, an implementation that can be used by all engineering programs to share curricular material.n digital form.


Electrical and Computer Engineering



URL: http://digitalcommons.calpoly.edu/eeng_fac/316