This paper presents an IF chain suitable for Low-IF fully-integrated GFSK receivers. The circuit performs amplification and channel selection (including image rejection). A five-pole Gm-C polyphase filter forms the core of the IF strip. The filter is current driven and has transimpedance gain of ≃ 120 kΩ. The filter is architectured so that GFSK signals with dynamic range exceeding 50dB can be decoded without the need of any automatic gain control. This AGC-less IF strip was fabricated in standard 0.25 µm CMOS process. It draws 6.2 mA from a 2.5 V supply and has better than 4.8 nA rms input referred noise. Input signals (compliant with Bluetooth) were applied and the output signal was collected for "software decoding". Generated BER plots meet Bluetooth specifications.


Electrical and Computer Engineering



URL: http://digitalcommons.calpoly.edu/eeng_fac/169