Extensive, hands-on studio work, projects and applied scholarship are defining traits of the CalPoly, San Luis Obispo City and Regional Planning (CRP) undergraduate and graduate programs. Our project and studio courses serve a diverse group of California communities who contract with us to fund these learning opportunities. This provides students the opportunity to engage in real-world problem solving, evaluating the fabric of cities at different scales -- from the project site, to city-wide, to the region. The CRP project-based perspective is consistent with the CalPoly 'learn by doing' philosophy. It gives CRP students a cross-sectional set of experiences in dealing with planning issues throughout the state. Our projects have been recognized many awards, including state and national awards from the American Planning Association and Urban Land Institute. This success, as well as the quality of our projects in meeting the needs of diverse client-communities, is an indication that our students are well prepared to address the increasingly complex problems that are present in villages, towns and cities across the globe.


Submissions from 2010


Madera Ranchos: Avenue 12 Enhancement Plan, Spring 2010, CRP 341 Urban Design Studio

Submissions from 2009


Delano Strategic Plan, Fall 2008/ Winter 2009, CRP 410/ 411 Community Planning Lab

Submissions from 2008


India Basin Shoreline Development Proposal, Spring 2008, CRP 553 Project Planning Lab

Submissions from 2006


Traver Urban Design Plan, Fall 2006, CRP 341 Urban Design Studio

Submissions from 2004


Shandon Plan, Fall 2003/ Winter 2004, CRP 410/ 411 Community Planning Lab

Submissions from 2002


Visioning a New Town in San Luis Obispo County, Fall 2001/ Winter 2002, CRP 410/ 411 Community Planning Lab