FRG Turbojet



Degree Name

BS in Computer Engineering


Computer Engineering Department


John Oliver


Members of the Cal Poly SLO campus club FRG work together with students of several different disciplines to build a functional turbojet engine. Engineering approaches include design, fabrication, testing, and computer sensing, control, and integration. The goal of the project is to produce a running turbojet engine monitored and controlled by embedded hardware and specialized PC software. This project is to be used by later groups for further research and development.

43R-servo.pdf (620 kB)
Servo Datasheet

AD8494.pdf (490 kB)
EGT Thermocouple Amplifier Datasheet

AEM 30-2012.pdf (65 kB)
Oil Temperature Sensor Datasheet

e3t-fd13.pdf (2332 kB)
RPM Photosensor Datasheet

G4A-relay.pdf (447 kB)
Power Relay Datasheet

honeywell-c554a.pdf (193 kB)
Flame Sensor Datasheet

honeywell-mlh.pdf (224 kB)
Combustor Pressure Sensor Datasheet