Degree Name

BS in Agricultural Systems Management


BioResource and Agricultural Engineering Department


Richard A. Cavaletto


This senior project was undertaken to determine the feasibility of creating a profitable farm in Ethiopia using commercial farming methods in order to raise the standard of living for Ethiopian subsistence farmers and improve food security in Ethiopia. Initially, a farmer’s cooperative was the model proposed for this farm. However, further research into the realities of Ethiopian agribusiness and the difficulties smallholder farmers face in obtaining capital, along with in-depth financial analysis called for a modification of the business model. Consequently, this senior project discusses the design and delineation of a business plan for a privately-held, commercial, teff grain farm in Ethiopia that aims to empower smallholder Ethiopian farmers by providing them with a living wage while enabling them to build equity in a profitable farm corporation.

Research, business model design and financial analysis yielded a business plan for a farm, processing mill and distribution framework that is marginally profitable by the end of Year One and sufficiently profitable to be capable of expansion by Year Five.

Available for download on Saturday, August 19, 2017

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Agribusiness Commons